Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chiftelute de pui cu naut - Chicken meatballs with chick peas


- jumatate de piept de pui
- o cutie de naut
- un ou
- patrunjel si menta
- lapte monti (sau lapte de soia) si 3-4 foi de dafin

Intr-o tava se pun cam 2 degete de lapte (eu am pus lapte de soia) si foi de dafin (3-4). Se pune pietul de pui taiat fasiute in tava si se baga in cuptorul incins 10 minute. Dupa ce s-a racit putin puiul, se mixeaza (se face ca frimiturile de paine). La fel se mixeaza (paseaza) nautul si se amesteca toate: pui, naut patrunjel (2 lingurite), menta (1 lingurita) si sare. Se fac chiftelutele cu mana si se dau prin amestec de faina Monti. Se prajesc si se mananca cu multa pofta!!!


-half of chicken breast
-one can of chick peas
-one egg
-parsley and mint
-monti milk (or soya milk) and 3-4 bay leaves

In a tray add 2 fingers length of milk and the bay leaves. Put the chicken breast and let it cook in a hot oven for 10 minutes. After the chicken is cooled down, mix it (like bread crumbs). Do the same with the chick peas and then mix all ingredients into one composition. Using your hands, make small meatballs and take them through Monti flour (50% whole wheat flour and 50% bran). Fry them into a pan.

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